I am MLK, Jr. (2018) Rated NR

The documentary explores the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and his impact on the Civil Rights Movement. Starring Martin Luther King, Carmelo Anthony, and Nick Cannon.

This film doesn’t seem to be a documentary about MLK Jr per se. It’s more so a documentary about the Civil Rights Movement over the years. The film starts with the murder of MLK Jr. and touches briefly on his past, but then it moves on to the Birmingham Campaign, the March on Washington, and other significant incidents of the Civil Rights Era. The film interviews people who walked through those times and others who can only remember the stories behind the incidents. For the most part, the documentary just relives and talks about the significant moments of the Civil Rights Movement; it doesn’t really dive into the issues that prompted them. It fails to teach the viewer about these significant moments in history and their causes. This documentary is not worth a watch.

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