In Contempt (BET) Rated TV-14

Gwen works for a legal aid office in New York City, where she fights for her court-appointed clients. Adding to the drama, Gwen’s co-workers include an ex and her father. Starring Erica Ash, Mouna Traoré, and Megan Hutchings.

This show is like all the other legal shows on the air; there’s nothing new. It’s also very much a cliché show with predictable characters and plotlines. Sure, the main character struggles with everything from work to personal matters, but it’s all very typical. I did enjoy the great chemistry among the actors; it’s like they’ve all worked together for years, which is always nice to see in a new show. This is one of those shows that, at first, you don’t know if you’ll continue watching because there’s nothing to pull you into the characters’ lives. This show isn’t worth a watch.


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