The Truman Show (1998) Rated PG

An insurance salesman discovers that his whole life is a television show. Starring Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, and Noah Emmerich.

This is a rather enjoyable and provocative film. If you watch this film more than once, you’ll probably realize that it isn’t as deep as you thought it was the first time you watched it. Jim Carrey has his moments as Truman, who is unaware that he is the main character of a TV show. Ed Harris is phenomenal as Christof, the man who controls the show. The film provides social commentary about how much television we watch and pokes fun at reality TV. Some plots are not explained as well as they could be. For example, how did Lauren/Sylvia get on the show, and did her politics come into play before or after being on the show? The film is OK – it’s not great, but it has an interesting premise and asks how far they’ll go and what cost they’ll pay to keep the show going. This film is worth a watch.

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