Man in an Orange Shirt (PBS) Rated TV-14

Two couples, one living in the post-WWII era and the other in present day, deal with the challenges in their lives. Starring Julian Morris, Vanessa Redgrave, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen.

I was unsure about this miniseries as the couples are gay, but it touches on the issues that each pair faces in their respective time periods. They don’t go into details, but it is interesting to see how the couples experience love in their own century. All of the actors were amazing; Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays Michael, a WWII captain who forms a relationship with his war buddy, Thomas, played by James McArdle. Julian Morris and David Gyasi portray the present-day couple, Adam and Steve, respectively. What makes this series all the more interesting is that Adam (Morris) is Michael’s (Jackson-Cohen) grandson. It’s brilliantly written, but I wanted to follow the relationship between the grandfather and grandmother (Jackson-Cohen and Redgrave), especially after the discovery of their grandson’s relationship with Steve. Of the two storylines, I found the grandfather’s more intriguing than the grandson’s because the conflict associated with Michael’s relationship was more palpable than that of present-day Adam’s. This one is worth a watch, but I wish it were more fleshed out.

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