Post Radical (Viceland) Rated TV-MA

Post Radical examines the subculture of the skateboarding community. Starring Rick McCrank, Don Schafer, and Todd Falcon.

Rick McCrank travels the world and explores the current subculture of the skateboarding community. Episode one takes us to a skateboarding school in Sweden and then to Ethiopia, where the skateboarding community is just beginning. It’s interesting and informative on how the community is growing and learning. The drawback that I saw was in the Swedish school. They said that they have normal classes with history and math, but they also have classes for skating. They lost me in the skating classes; it doesn’t seem to teach students how to skate or how skating can be used in life. It seems that they have the class just to go skating and they aren’t learning anything. The Ethiopian segment shows us how they are growing and starting up skate parks in the country. This show is great for people who love to skate and is worth a watch.


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