Let It Snow (2013) Rated TV-G

An executive examines her company’s new property, hoping to transform the rustic lodge into a new hot spot. Starring Candace Cameron Bure, Jesse Hutch, and Alan Thicke.

This is another typical Hallmark Christmas movie. It’s got the sweetness and the heart that the other films have. Although, this one has the enjoyable Candace Cameron Bure and her brother’s TV dad, Alan Thicke. Thicke plays Bure’s father in this film, too, which is perfect casting. It’s the kind of casting that makes people want to watch. Although I don’t think there were any scenes in which they actually acted together – it was all phone calls. It’s almost like Thicke dialed it in, but it’s still nice to see him on-screen. There isn’t anything in the film that we haven’t seen before, and it’s no Oscar winner – but it is a fun watch on a winter’s night. It’s worth a watch.


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