The End of Love (2012) Rated NR

Mark is a struggling actor who just lost his wife and now has to take care of his two-year old son. Starring  Isaac Love, Mark Webber, and Amanda Seyfried.

This is one of the worst films I’ve seen. Mark seems to be oblivious to reality as he hits the pavement for auditions. He drags his kid everywhere, and the language that comes out of his mouth in front of the kid is unbelievable. He lives with a couple of friends and is supposed to help with rent, but he’s behind. He also does a lot of asking his friends for loans to pay off other friends whom he has taken loans from. The film has no focus as we watch Mark and his son move from location to location. Mark just doesn’t want to grow up. Some scenes cut you like a knife; they are so painful to watch. The scene with the fish brought me to tears, and yet I have a hard time sympathizing with the character – especially when it’s obvious that Mark is the one making the mistakes that put him in the place he’s in. This film is hard to watch and not worth a watch.

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