Step Dogs (2013) Rated NR

A Hollywood pooch moves to the north to live with a country mutt. Starring Joris Jarsky, Ryan Belleville, and Dylan Schmid.

This is the story of a blended family. The Hollywood pooch’s owner marries and moves north where there is a step-dog, and the step-dog is a mutt. The Hollywood dog must learn how to live in the country, and each must learn to get along with one another. This is a cheesy film; it’s not like this story has never been done. The plot has been used and overused for dog centered movies. It’s not funny – even though they try to make it so. I’m also not a fan of the voice-over dogs with visual effects to make the dogs look like they’re talking. The film does have one thing going for it; it isn’t all about the dogs, the kids from the blended family have just as many obstacles to overcome. Still, the film isn’t worth a watch.

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