Queen of the World (2018) Rated TV-G

A look inside the lives of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. Starring Sarah Lancashire, Hannah Belcher, and Korede Bolade.

This documentary features private film archives from the royal family as the Queen passes on her wisdom to the younger monarchy. The film shows viewers a number of archived films that show the Queen as she learns her position. The film explains how she has grown the commonwealth from the time of her father through the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. It also tells us that Harry and Meghan are going to be ambassadors to the commonwealth. It was interesting to see more of Harry and Meghan’s relationship. Although, I still have a hard time seeing it as a love affair when everything seems political between them, especially of what I heard from Meghan. That doesn’t detract from the enjoyment and awe of the royal family. This film is worth the watch.

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