Here and Now (2018) Rated R

A singer receives bad news the day before her new tour begins. Starring  Renée Zellweger, Simon Baker, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

This film is slow going. We follow as Sarah Jessica Parker (Vivienne, the singer) through the twenty-four hours of her getting a diagnosis that could change her life. It’s not a film that gives us all the answers we hope for. It just takes us through her day as she comes to terms with the news. We don’t get her full background as we just get a glimpse into her life. I’m surprised by the bad reviews – it’s not that bad, but it is slow. It’s a movie in which you just wish something would happen, but it’s a true representation of life in general. We all just move through the day; she just has a little more money than the rest of us. Although I enjoyed watching her get through her day, the film still isn’t worth a watch.

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