Austenland (2013) Rated PG-13

Obsessed with Jane Austen, a woman goes to Austenland, a theme park, to meet her Mr. Darcy. Based on the book by Shannon Hale. Starring Keri Russell, JJ Feild, and Bret McKenzie.

I really had high hopes for this film, being an Austen fan myself. Although it’s a cute rom-com, it doesn’t have anything that makes the film Austen-like or a worthwhile romance. I guess my main issue with the film is that the script seemed forced. It has a script within a script, and nothing seems natural. Keri Russell does an okay job as an obsessed girl, but the actors around her couldn’t bring the support needed. The pacing of the film is also slow, making it hard to keep your mind on the story. Plus, there are few references to Austen’s books. I wish the film were better, but alas, it’s not worth a watch.

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