Emperor (2012) Rated PG-13

As the Japanese surrender after World War II, General Fellers must decide whether or not Emperor Hirohito will hang as a war criminal. Starring Matthew Fox, Tommy Lee Jones, and Eriko Hatsune.

This film covers the aftermath of World War II when America was deciding whether to prosecute Emperor Hirohito. The plot is a little chaotic as we move back and forth through the story. The production and cinematography were beautiful, but it doesn’t offset the poor script writing. The plot has so many subplots; it covers MacArthur’s occupation of Japan, Fellers’ investigations, and Fellers’ search for an old flame from college. The story mostly covers Fellers’ side of things rather than MacArthur. Thus, the film puts MacArthur on the backburner and opens up creative liberties. As the story proceeds to drag on, it’s hard to keep a focus on what is important. This film isn’t worth a watch.

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