River Runs Red (2018) Rated NR

The son of a judge is killed by two police officers, and the system sets them free. With the help of a veteran detective and another grieving father, the judge sets out for revenge. Starring  Taye Diggs, John Cusack, and George Lopez.

This is one of the worst films this year. The script is awful. The script was the most unrealistic thing, and I really didn’t like the racism that was shown by Diggs’ character – he blatantly said that blacks were better than whites to his son. The film was trying to make a statement about the racism in our country but missed the point entirely. The acting is horrible; I will say that Diggs, Cusack, and Lopez hold their own, but all the other supporting actors make this cartoonish. The chemistry between the actors was horrible, especially between the couples. It was like watching a stiff board showing little emotion. From the script to the action, the movie was unrealistic. Nothing about this film made me think this is how grieving people react. This is a movie that’s not worth a watch.

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