A Simple Favor (2018) Rated R

Stephanie, a single mother with a vlog, befriends Emily, a classy, snobbish mother whose child is in the same class as Stephanie’s. When Emily goes missing, Stephanie tries to uncover what happened to her. Based on the book by Darcey Bell. Starring Anna Kendrick, Ian Ho, and Joshua Satine.

First off, this film is brilliantly written with twists and turns throughout. Although, I felt from the beginning that this seemed more of a Gone Girl knock off. However, there are differences, but I have to say it just has that feeling. Both Anna Kendrick’s and Blake Lively’s performances were brilliant. Then you have Ho as Emily’s handsome, grieving, indifferent husband, who was just as interesting to watch. This is one of those films that has both good and bad elements that make it hard to say it is worth a watch, but with the performances and the wonderful writing, I would say it’s worth it.

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