The World’s Best (CBS) Rated TV-PG

The World’s Best is a reality show competition where talented acts from all around the world perform in front of three U.S. judges and 50 representatives from different countries. The performers must get 75 votes to go on in the competition and compete for a million dollars.  Starring James Corden, Drew Barrymore, and RuPaul.

At first, this competition seems like the other talent competitions on TV, but after a while, it turns on the charm. The judges are enjoyable to watch. The acts are, for the most part, entertaining, and RuPaul’s laughter is amazing and contagious. James Corden is the host, and he is his usual goofball self. The show is entertaining with the host interacting with the contestants, the judges enjoying the acts, and the representatives feeling proud of the performers from their country. It’s a family show that is worth a watch.


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