The Wife (2017) Rated R

A wife questions the life she has led when her husband wins the Nobel Prize for Literature. Based on the book by Meg Wolitzer. Starring Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, and Max Irons.

The film is a character study of a woman who has given up her dreams for her husband, partly because she wasn’t strong enough to follow them herself. She has made decisions in her life that have put her where she is now. Did she always want to change? Or has she always been content where she is? The film brings up many questions about a wife’s position and if she should stay with her husband or leave. The performances by Close, Pryce, and even Christian Slater, were amazing. They pull you into the story and the characters – they make you feel what the characters are feeling. Slater is such an amazing slimy character that you can’t always make out if he is sincere or not. The film doesn’t take you on a surprising journey – it ends the way it should. This is a film that is worth a watch.

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