The Passage (Fox) Rated TV-14

When a U.S. experiment turns people into vampires instead of a cure-all for diseases, an orphan girl may be the only person that could save everyone. Based on the trilogy by Justin Cronin. Starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saniyya Sidney, and Jamie McShane.

This show is an interesting take on vampire stories. The government is the one that starts the crisis, but this also gives a new twist on the vampire story. The show has a great premise and is written well; you have backstories that you don’t know everything about, but it will unfold as the series goes on. You have great acting with Gosselaar playing the man sent for the girl. And Sidney is brilliant as the orphan girl who doesn’t have anybody but who isn’t ignorant to what’s going on around. There are sequence issues and poor research, but I think they could be ironed out through the episodes. This is one of those shows that will get better with time. It’s worth a watch.

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