Inside Balmoral (PBS) Rated NR

The inside story of Balmoral, the castle estate in the Scottish highlands where the Queen and her family go to be themselves. Starring Grant Harrold, Dominic Mafham, and Mike O’Dyllan.

The series doesn’t go into detail about the history of  Balmoral, but it does go into the history of the royal family’s usage.  The series covers historical moments that have happened at Balmoral while the Queen has been in residence. The reenactments are portrayed in a way that seems to be like a fly on the wall. It doesn’t show much of the actors – just in shadow. Then there are the interviews of people who have worked or visited the country castle. When the Queen is not in residence, they do open up the estate for the public. It’s a large estate with 50,000 acres and lots of wooded areas – plenty of land to enjoy in privacy. This series is worth a watch.

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