The Last Ship (TNT) Rated TV-14

The crew of a naval destroyer discovers that they are the last ship of survivors when a pandemic kills off most of Earth’s population. Based on the book by William Brinkley. Starring Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin, and Charles Parnell.

This show is an interesting take on the apocalypse in the present time period. At times, it does seem to have preposterous situations and unrealistic scenarios. The show really pushes for the action scenes. Of course, all those situations and scenarios can be put to the suspension of disbelief because the show is a fictional portrayal of events. The show does go deeper than just action scenes as the crew of the USS Nathan James fights to find the cure to the pandemic. The show is brilliantly acted with Dane and Baldwin as the two in command. This show isn’t the best, but it is worth a watch.

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