Big Texas Fix (DIY) Rated TV-G

Ashley and Michael Cordray own a real estate and renovation company that specializes in restoring homes from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They’re working with homes near the brink of destruction in their hometown of Galveston Island, TX, with hopes of preserving the island’s history and architectural styles. -DIY  Starring Ashley Cordray and Michael Cordray.

This is another fixer up show that includes a husband and wife team. This time it’s in Galveston Texas, where they take a house that is going to be demolished and completely revitalized it. The show’s couple is cute to watch, and they do tease each other, but you do wonder what the off-camera conversations are like. Although the show has nothing new to add to the genre, it was fun to watch. Thus, it’s worth a watch.

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