Peter Pan Live (2014) Rated NR

 A live telecast of the musical Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie. Starring Allison Williams, Christian Borle, Kelli O’Hara

I was not impressed with this version of Peter Pan. I’ve never been fond of a woman portraying Peter Pan. They don’t look or act like a young boy. I understand that historically it is always portrayed by a woman due to the size proportions for the other characters and due to child labor laws. That doesn’t discount that it’s hard to see the past the actress to the role. Williams is no different. I couldn’t see her as Peter Pan. The show over all just didn’t mash together. It didn’t flow nicely. Some of the songs were familiar and others weren’t. This is one of the worst productions I’ve seen of the live musicals. This is not worth a watch.


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