Isabelle (2018) Rated NR

A young couple excited about starting a family struggles with an evil spirit that wants to take over their lives. Starring Amanda Crew, Adam Brody, and Zoë Belkin.

This film doesn’t make any sense, or it isn’t explained well. I don’t think this is a spoiler, but at the end, the story goes back in time, and there is no explanation to that. Then you have the burial where there are just the three family members, and the priest is the same one from the hospital. Is this the only person of faith they know? That’s too strange. It’s strange that the funeral only has the three family members, especially since the sister has already visited – why wouldn’t she come? Then you have the husband who is repeatedly told how to handle the situation and refuses to listen to the advice, which of course makes the situation worse. This film is not worth the watch.

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