Ms. T’s Music Factory (Lifetime) Rated TV-PG

Former recording artist Temmora Levy is on a mission to find future superstars. Starring Vivie Myrick, Julissa Piatt, and Temmora Levy.

This show is like all those other reality shows where the kids have the talent, and the parents are stage parents. Except this one is about music, and the kids all have problems. Seriously, no one that has a plain jane life without issues. The issues that they have are not easy: sexual abuse, displacement, drug usage. It’s a hard knock life, and I’m sorry to say I don’t know anything about Levy. She talks a lot about how wonderful her daughter’s group is, but of course, her daughter’s group is an up and coming act – not anything as yet. Both seem to be no names. There’s nothing about this show that is interesting or redeeming, making it not worth a watch.

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