New This Week on DVD, August 20, 2019

 The Hustle (PG-13)

Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star as female scam artists, one low rent and the other high class, who team up to take down the men who have wronged them. Starring Timothy Simons, Rebel Wilson, Douggie McMeekin

 A Dog’s Journey (PG)

A dog finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he meets. Starring Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, Kathryn Prescott

 Brightburn (R)

What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? Starring Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn

 The Sun is Also a Star (PG-13)

A hopeless romantic ambivalent about his future in medical school falls for a hard-luck young woman who doesn’t believe in love. Starring Yara Shahidi, Anais Lee, Charles Melton

 The Biggest Little Farm (PG)

Documentarian John Chester and his wife Molly work to develop a sustainable farm on 200 acres outside of Los Angeles. Starring John Chester, Molly Chester, Matthew Pilachowski

 The Tomorrow Man (PG-13)

Ed Hemsler spends his life preparing for a disaster that may never come. Ronnie Meisner spends her life shopping for things she may never use. These two people will try to find love. Starring John Lithgow, Blythe Danner, Derek Cecil

 Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season (TV-14)

After five years presumed dead, rich playboy billionaire Oliver Queen returns after his father’s yacht sinks in a storm, where he drifts into an island and trains with other people stuck on the deadly island. Then he returns home to Starling City to right the wrongs his father made, armed with just a bow and arrows, with allies by his side. Starring Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards

 Blue Bloods: The Ninth Season (TV-14)

Revolves around a family of New York cops. Starring Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes

 NCIS: New Orleans – The Fifth Season (TV-14)

A spin-off of NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service about the local field office of NCIS that investigates criminal cases involving military personnel in The Big Easy, a city known for its music, entertainment and decadence. This colorful city that harbors a dark side is a magnet for service personnel on leave, and when overindulgence is followed by trouble, Special Agent Dwayne Pride’s team is at its best. Starring Scott Bakula, Lucas Black, Rob Kerkovich

 Star Wars Resistance: Season One (TV-Y7)

Kazuda Xiono, a young pilot for the Resistance, is tasked with a top secret mission to investigate the First Order, a growing threat in the galaxy. Starring Christopher Sean, Suzie McGrath, Josh Brener

 Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season Six (TV-14)

Jake Peralta, an immature, but talented N.Y.P.D. detective in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct, comes into immediate conflict with his new commanding officer, the serious and stern Captain Ray Holt. Starring Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Andre Braugher

 The Bureau: Season 4 (TV-MA)

After six years of undercover work in Syria, French intelligence officer Malotru returns home, where he struggles to forget his undercover identity, train a young recruit, and investigate when a colleague disappears in Algeria. Starring Mathieu Kassovitz, Florence Loiret Caille, Sara Giraudeau

 American Gods: Season 2 (TV-MA)

A recently released ex-convict named Shadow meets a mysterious man who calls himself “Wednesday” and who knows more than he first seems to about Shadow’s life and past. Starring Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Crispin Glover

 The Walking Dead: The Complete Ninth Season (TV-MA)

Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to learn the world is in ruins, and must lead a group of survivors to stay alive. Starring Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Andrew Lincoln

 I am Patrick Swayze (NR)

An inside look at the life of Patrick Swayze as told by the people who knew him best. Starring Sam Elliott, Lori Petty, Jennifer Grey

Image result for National Geographic: Howie Mandel's Animals Doing Things Season Two National Geographic: Howie Mandel’s Animals Doing Things Season Two (NR)

Dive paws first into wild, funny and outrageous animal videos with Howie Mandel! On HOWIE MANDEL’S ANIMALS DOING THINGS, Howie Mandel voices a laugh out loud tour of hilarious, rarely seen animal videos shot by animal lovers around the world. With Howie Mandel running the show and animal experts chiming in with jaw-dropping animal kingdom insights, you never know what you’ll see next! Starring Howie Mandel, ‘The Cat Whisperer’ Mieshelle Nagelschneider, Jordan Schaul

Image result for National Geographic: Primal Survivor Season 4 National Geographic: Primal Survivor Season 4

Primal Survivor tracks wilderness guide and survival instructor Hazen Audel as he tackles some of mankind’s most rigorous journeys, relying on skills learned from native inhabitants. After first living with the locals to understand their way of life, he sets out on solo journeys through territories that push him to his very limits. Starring Hazen Audel

 S.W.A.T.: Season Two (TV-14)

Follows a locally born and bred S.W.A.T. lieutenant who is torn between loyalty to the streets and duty to his fellow officers when he’s tasked to run a highly-trained unit that’s the last stop for solving crimes in Los Angeles. Starring Shemar Moore, Alex Russell, Lina Esco

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