Wild Bear Rescue (AnimalPlanet) Rated NR

Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter is teeming with a record number of orphaned black bear cubs. It’s a family-run wildlife shelter that cares for orphaned cubs, rehab grizzlies, and any other wild animals that need help. We watch as they care for, protect, and release the animals in their shelter. Starring Angelika Langen, Peter Langen, and David Orth.

This show is amazing to watch. It follows two former zookeepers who started to take in orphaned bears. We watch as the owners care for these orphans and then release them when they are ready. The show also teaches us a little about the different animals they attend to. The Langen family works hard at rehabilitating these animals to be set free, and it shows. It’s a great family show, and it’s one that is worth a watch.

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