Relative Race (BYUtv) Rated TV-G

A race uses DNA as a roadmap around the United States as four teams race to find their family members to win $25,000. Starring Rolexis Delaney and Dan Debenham.

Bring your tissues when you watch this show. Each leg of the trip, the teams meet new family members they didn’t know. It’s amazing that this show finds and reunites the family that is lost. I cried multiple times throughout the first episode, as an adopted child finds a birth parent, and a daughter is reunited with her mother’s side of the family that was lost after the loss of her mother. Each leg, there is a series of games that pit the teams against each other but also gives them clues to finding their relatives. Some relatives are just mentioned without details of the relationship, which, at times, makes me question how they are related. It also makes me wonder if it’s a distant relative – too distant to matter. This show is worth a watch. It’s a great family show.

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