Marie de Nazareth (1995) Rated NR

In Nazareth, a young girl lives a normal life until she is visited by an Angel and told she will give birth to a boy named Jesus. Starring Myriam Muller, Didier Bienaimé, and Eric Jakobiak.

This film has some positive points and some negative. First, the filmmakers really make Mary out to be this sweet, innocent girl. She is innocent, but I think she was a normal teenager. This film tries to make her a normal teenager but overly sweet. I enjoyed that they also kept the historical fact that Joseph was older than her. Historically, the film is done well, but they really didn’t make Mary or Joseph that relatable or normal humans. They are superhumans. The film does add more to the story that’s not in the gospels, which is hard to see at times with the characters that I know. I would have liked the film to be more factual than it was but still enjoyable to watch. In the end, I would have to say that it’s still not worth a watch.

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