Ghost Nation (Travel) Rated TV-PG

This series teams original Ghost Hunters, Jason, Steve and Dave, together with a different team member from the Ghost Nation group to explore high case hauntings. Starring Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango.

I was rather disappointed in this series. Ghost Hunters has always been my guilty pleasure TV show. It’s obvious that the production of this show isn’t as good as the other show and the format is different. I think this series makes the cast look stupid rather than like seasoned veterans. It seems like they don’t have the correct knowledge of the homes before investigating. They don’t research the property and hauntings before investigating; it comes after they have already done some investigating. This is why they don’t look in the right direction or ask the right questions. Then, in the middle of an investigation, they pull this out of thin air rather than figuring out what is true. Most of the time they are investigating history that isn’t even accurate. I’m a fan of all three of the men, but this just makes me question the validity and reasons behind the investigations. The show also doesn’t really go over the findings from the investigation. Although I love the guys, this show is not worth a watch.


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