Eight Below (2006) Rated PG

Weather forces two Antarctic explorers to leave their sled teams behind in a fight for survival. Starring Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, and Moon Bloodgood.

This film follows two explorers as they try to do their work in the elements, but when a storm hits, they must leave their dogs behind. We then follow the sled dogs in their fight for survival. The story is very politically correct with climate change. This was the one drawback of the film. The movie is split between the first half that follows the men and the second half that follows the dogs – all trying to survive. The film does use emotion with the animals. There are a number of times it was upsetting and hard to watch the animals. The film also has realistic views on surviving in the Antarctic, although – it’s not completely realistic as the film’s time frame is when Antarctica is in the dark, not light. The film has some negatives, but it also has some positives, making it worth a watch.


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