Bill Burr Presents: Jessica Kirson Talking to Myself (2019) Rated TV-MA

Kirson’s comedic special laughs about lesbian one-night stands and the misery of singing “Happy Birthday.” Starring Jessica Kirson and Joey Kola.

I don’t think Kirson is funny. Her jokes tend to be about sex and body image. There were jokes that I did find funny, but mostly, I just couldn’t relate to sleeping around or wanting to binge eat. I also didn’t find her turning around and trying to convey what her inner thoughts were to be funny. It just didn’t mesh with the actual jokes she was telling. She’s one of those comedians who’s funny if you’re drunk. She did say she’s performed on cruises, so I would be interested to see if the act she does on the ship is any different. This show is not worth the watch.


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