A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale (2015) Rated TV-G

A spoiled college student takes a summer job walking dogs and discovers that her employer is planning to build over the dog park that she and another dogwalker use. Now, she needs to figure out where her loyalties lie. Starring Jonathan Bennett, Lexi Giovagnoli, and Dina Meyer.

This film has nothing much going for it. It’s a predictable Christmas story. We have a spoiled girl, who always thinks of herself, taking on the lowly job as a dog walker. She doesn’t care about anything else until she meets the other dog walkers and their dogs. She discovers that there is more to life than just her wants and needs. I thought the film really pushed for her to change, and she seemed to change overnight; however, there were times that it seemed like she wasn’t really changing. The acting wasn’t the best overall, and then there’s the poor chemistry among the cast. This film is not worth a watch.


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