Becky (2020) Rated R

A teenager goes for a weekend getaway with her father that turns to disaster when a group of convicts interrupts the family weekend. Starring Lulu Wilson, Kevin James, and Joel McHale.

This film is compelling. It doesn’t have much of a story – it’s more of a gory account of who Becky is. Becky is a teenager who wants to spend a weekend alone with her father. Of course, the weekend goes from bad to worse in a matter of minutes, and we find what Becky is capable of. This is a very gory story. Kevin James is almost unrecognizable as the villain convict. The film is a jumping off point for a sequel, either that or they left it with unanswered questions. I was really compelled with Lulu Wilson as Becky – her performance was spectacular. This film, although compelling, is still not worth recommending for a watch.

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