Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas (2013) Rated NR

A tarnished rock star decides to revamp his image by agreeing to a dear santa letter from a young boy in a small town to do a concert. Starring Drew Lachey, MacKenzie Porter, and Ellie Harvie.

With the title of this film, you think that maybe it’ll be a revision of the 1967 film. It is not. It’s a film that tries to take Christianity into the film but falls short. It wasn’t bad, but the overly strict pastor/father has been done time and time again, and I don’t think it’s as realistic as it could be. Plus, my feelings were that the rock star may have an addiction that wasn’t well addressed in the film. Overall, it’s not the worst film, but it isn’t one that I would recommend watching, making it not worth a watch.

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