The Pagemaster (1994) Rated G

An outcast boy enters a library during a storm and discovers a realm of fictional books that takes him on a journey to find his way home. Starring Macaulay Culkin, Kanin Howell, and Alexis Kirschner.

I just discovered this gem recently. It’s very reminiscent to The Neverending Story, which I loved as a child. It brings the idea of disappearing into a book to life. They also cover what most kids go through during adolescence – the sense of not belonging and being different. There isn’t anything really wrong with Richard Tyler; he’s a child with a fear that lasted longer than the other childhood terrors. It’s brilliant that the filmmakers don’t make it a point that what Richard feels isn’t natural. It is natural, and it is realistic. I also found it brilliant that they used a fantasy and books to help Richard come out of his shell. This is a film that I would love all kids to watch and become enthralled with. This film is worth a watch.

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