Retaliation (2017) Rated R

An adult victim of childhood sexual abuse confronts his past. Starring Alex Ferns, Orlando Bloom, and Janet Montgomery.

This is not a very clean script. It’s a very difficult film to watch, and I’m sure it was difficult to make with the subject matter. It’s as if the filmmakers thought that if there wasn’t much to say, don’t say anything at all. In some films, that works well, but in this one, it doesn’t. There are moments that I felt they needed to say more or tell more that wasn’t there on the screen. I’m not saying that characters need to describe what was happening or feeling, but it just needs to be told – not suggested. Now, Bloom’s performance as a victim of childhood sexual abuse is brilliant. You can feel the torment, frustration, and anger his character went through to confront his abuser. His performance is the only thing that makes the film worthy, but it isn’t enough for me to say it was worth a watch. This film is not worth the watch. 

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