Love Fraud (2020) Rated TV-MA

This docuseries follows the search for Richard Scott Smith, who marries women for their money and then leaves them. The series is in real time as the women who have been left behind band together to catch him. Starring Jason Herrell, and Steven Williams.

Oh, if only this was better done. The story behind the true story of Richard Scott Smith is fascinating; although, it is not put together well in this miniseries. Here, we have a guy that impersonates different characters and personalities to make women fall in love with him, and once married, he clears their bank accounts and disappears. The filmmakers use different ways to tell the story, which confuses us and doesn’t really tell us anything more about the story. The cartoons, for example, aren’t needed. Then, you have the pacing, which is drawn out over four episodes – there is no need for that. It gets boring if you have too much unnecessary information or it takes too long to give us a good tidbit of information. This series is not worth the watch. 

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