Second Chance (FOX) Rated TV-14

A billionaire bio-engineer brings a police officer back to life. Starring Robert Kazinsky, Dilshad Vadsaria, and Adhir Kalyan.

The premise of the show is interesting. Taking an eighty-year-old cop and rebirthing him into a younger body with all the knowledge and experience that comes with being eighty is interesting. This is a story that has been told before, but it does have a good twist. I thought that there were too many plot lines the show could follow. I mean, does he need super hero abilities with the knowledge of an old man? I think there could have been enough stories with just that. He has family that he has to contend with and a body that can do stuff with that he hasn’t done in years. It’s enjoyable to watch, but it isn’t interesting enough for me to want to watch. It’s not worth a watch.

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