The Drew Barrymore Show (2020) Rated TV-G

Drew Barrymore sets to conquer the talk show world by presenting topics like human-interest stories, celebrity guests, and lifestyle segments with her typical brand of humor and optimism. Starring Drew Barrymore, Kahlana Barfield, and Jonah Larson.

I love Drew Barrymore; her honesty is refreshing and real. I think she would be great as a talk show host. Although, the first day she seemed overly nervous, overly bubbly, and overly talkative. I think she will settle down into her role as time goes on. I also think her show hasn’t found it’s groove yet, but it will in time. I loved her set, it has a homie vibe and warmth. I can’t say it’s worth the watch until she has settled in; therefore, it’s not worth the watch. 


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