The Comey Rule (2020) Rated TV-MA

This miniseries tells the story of former FBI Dir. Comey and President Trump as they collide while they differ on ethnics and loyalty. Based on the book, A Higher Loyalty by James Comey. Starring Jeff Daniels, Holly Hunter, and Michael Kelly.

I have to say, I didn’t really follow the saga of the Comey effect during the 2016 election. However, I did appreciate that he tried to do his job through a year of cat and mouse games. It’s hard to find the truth, and I still don’t think the FBI was able to find it. Also, this show bashes Trump – really, did nobody at the FBI like Trump? That doesn’t seem logical when he won the election. Or, did he win because the Russians were sabotaging the election – or Hillary Clinton’s emails kept popping up, causing issues at FBI headquarters? Was the intel on all this information correct or were people in the political ring pulling strings? Daniels doesn’t resemble Comey in the slightest, -and it’s hard to imagine him as the guy that runs the FBI. Then you have Holly Hunter in another political film that you know will lean more left than right just because of her. The story is good, but it really doesn’t give you much behind the scenes. Comey’s wife, Patrice Comey, is an annoying Trump badger throughout the film, and I love Jennifer Ehle – but really, shut up – we don’t need to know your leanings when we have other fish to fry at the Bureau. This film is not worth a watch. 


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