Supermarket Sweep (ABC) Rated TV-PG

A reboot of the 90s gameshow that asks trivia while taking place in a supermarket. Starring Leslie Jones.

I loved the 90s gameshow. It was interesting and fun to watch. It’s a cultural game show that promotes products while contestants compete for the top prize. I loved the host in the 90s, David Ruprecht. He had the right combination of keeping the game going while enjoying the kookiness of the contestants, and they were kooky. I don’t know if the contestants on this show get the “let’s have fun,” but it doesn’t show. Then you have Leslie Jones, which I’m not sure works for this game show. She has a hard time toning down the crazies and trying to bring out the quiet ones. She also seems to have favorites. It’s obvious which team she likes – she spends more time on them. This has the game show there but not the sparkle that was there in the 90s. This show is not worth watch. 


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