Call Your Mother (ABC) Rated TV-PG

An empty-nester mom struggles to keep up with her kids living thousands of miles away. Starring Kyra Sedgwick, Joey Bragg, and Rachel Sennott.

This show, overall, is not bad. The writing was good, and, at times, it was funny. I can also see a lot of growth for the show. They can go down lots of different paths. The acting was ok. Sedgwick was on her game, and the chemistry is there between the actors. However, the show’s premise is a little preposterous and out there. I want to know what mother would fly thousands of miles and rent a room, not a hotel, to visit her kids. That’s a little unheard of. Of course, that opens up to her just living there – but still. This show can work, and, in time, I think it will grow, making it worth a watch. 

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