Pooch Perfect (ABC) Rated NR

Ten professional dog groomers compete to win a prize of $100,000. Starring Rebel Wilson.

This show must only be interesting to other dog groomers. For the most part, it’s uninteresting. I know a number of people want to say this is animal abuse, but I think not. Everything they use is safe for the animal, and I didn’t see any animal in distress. Any dog owner can get what the groomers used on their dogs anywhere. This is not something unusual. Of course, I’ve never done the overly dyed, bedazzled look for my dog. Sure, the sexual jokes are on high alert. My question throughout the show was where do they get all the dogs, and where do the dogs get all muddy? Those are things that would be interesting to know. Although, there are wonderful stories about the groomers, and they are great at what they do. However, it’s not interesting enough for the show to be worth a watch.

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