Murders at the Boarding House (Oxygen) Rated NR


When the Sacramento police get a missing persons report from a social worker, they head to the boarding house where the man was staying. The elderly landlady is friendly and helpful, but when they discover human remains in her back yard, she vanishes. While the police uncover the landlady’s past, they discover a serial killer they weren’t expecting, and now they must stop her before she lands her next victim. Starring Lydia-Jane Bateman and Matthew J. Miles.

The one thing about this miniseries that I think is hard to understand is that it took place in the 1980s. I get it, at that point, when you are looking for someone you are thinking they are dead; you’re not thinking you are in the presence of a serial killer. So, I can forgive the officer for the lapse in judgement. He didn’t fully get the picture of was happening, and looking back, he agrees. Oxygen doesn’t really do great documentaries, and this is no exception. It’s too long; the story could’ve been explain faster. This is one of those news stories that did capture the nation, and it is worth being told; however, it is a winding road to get there. This show is not worth a watch. 

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