Against All Odds: The Fight For a Black Middle Class with Bob Herbert (2017) Rated NR


A documentary discusses the difficulty of African Americans in establishing and maintaining middle class status. Starring Bob Herbert.

This film is brilliant as it dissects the issues that keep the African Americans from progressing to middle class. They look back at that the emancipation and the issues derived from it that prevented Blacks from moving up in social classes. Herbert uses interviews, archive footage, and analyses to uncover the issues that make it a struggle to have the African American community in the middle class. He exposes the links between the personal and institutional with bigotry and systemic discrimination in lending, housing, employment, and education. It still shocks me that Chicago has laws about housing that leaves Blacks in the lower class, rather than allowing them to move into middle class areas. That’s where we have to change the policies that keep them from learning and living in other neighborhoods. This film is worth a watch. 

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