It’s Christmas, Carol! (2012) Rated TV-G

A publishing executive is visited by the ghost of her former boss, who tells her she has lost sight of the important things in life. Based on the book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Starring Emmanuelle Vaugier, Carrie Fisher, and Olivia Cheng.

This film is another twist on Dickens’ classic Christmas tale. The film is not bad, but it isn’t Dickens. We have the former boss visit the young executive to show her the error of her ways. However, she is not just “Marley,” she (Fisher) is also the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future due to budget cuts. It also proves the point that Hallmark wanted to cut corners and have Fisher throughout the film. The film also struggles with Carol’s slow transformation of understanding that her ways have to change. Instead, in the final scene, her transformation is abrupt, rather than gradual. The film is entertaining, it is Hallmark after all, but alas, it’s not the best retelling of Dickens. This film is not worth a watch.

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