The Virtuoso (2021) Rated R


A professional assassin takes on a new job in a small sleepy town, and what follows is deception and murder. Starring Anson Mount, Abbie Cornish, and Anthony Hopkins.

Anson Mount stars as the Virtuoso, the hitman, hired by Hopkins to kill the person called “White Rivers.” The story revolves around the Virtuoso as he goes through methodical and meticulous planning and preparing for the job. The film is interesting, and we go through the twists and turns as Virtuoso tries to figure out which person is his target. It was an interesting journey to take, and it’s not as obvious as other films are. Mount was phenomenal as the hitman for hire, and the chemistry between Cornish, as the Waitress, and Mount is a joy to watch. The film does have some plot holes, and it would have been brilliant with more character build up, but alas, the film is not worth a watch.  

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