The Secret Garden (1949) Rated NR

A girl is sent to live with her uncle after her parents death, and there, she discovers family secrets and a secret garden. Based on the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Starring Margaret O’Brien, Herbert Marshall, and Dean Stockwell.

This film is the second adaptation of the book by Burnett. The first was a silent film. It was filmed as a black and white in the heyday of the black and white films. Fred M. Wilcox, who directed this version, brilliantly used light and shadow. This was commonly used during the 40s, which brings forth the added dramatic effect of dread and foreboding. The film takes on the ideas of change, how each character transforms during the story. The story isn’t as true to the book as it could be, and it does have some plot holes. However, the film showcases the history of filmmaking in how it was told, and, as in The Wizard of Oz, the garden in full bloom appearing in color is a wonderful contrast to the start of the film. Although this isn’t the best version, it is still one that is worth a watch.

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