Pride (FX) Rated TV-MA

A six-part series chronicles the history of LGBTQ in America. Starring Ceyenne Doroshow, Susan Stryker, and Tez Anderson.

This series, surprisingly, starts in the 1950s, at a time when the gays and lesbians were in the closet and families turned a blind eye to the homosexuals in their households. The show does not focus on history, rather its focus is more on current activism. It’s also very one-sided; you won’t learn much about the historical side of activism. The storytelling is interesting, but it doesn’t give us the truth behind the tales. Sure, it tugs at my heartstrings; to be asked about your sexuality at work is (and should be) a no-no, which it now is. I fully believe that you shouldn’t be discriminated against for your sexuality, but you also shouldn’t get a job based on it either. This series is not worth a watch. 

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