Scrubs (NBC) Rated TV-14

In the fictional world of a teaching hospital, a young doctor learns about medicine, life, friendships, and love. Starring Donald Faison, John C. McGinley, and Ken Jenkins.

This show has a great concept. It’s a comedic take on the medical drama, and it is funny. Since the series has ended, you can also see what direction the show would take as the seasons continued. The actors are all brilliant in their roles. Although, there is not much going for the show; it doesn’t bring a lot of depth to the genre. It’s a show that comes off as new and original, even though – at times, it is more boring and dull. It’s a show that is worth a watch when there is nothing else on, and if you watch every episode, these characters can become like family. However, I have to say the show is not worth a watch, overall. 

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