Fight the Power: The Protests That Changed America (2021) Rated NR

A documentary focuses on key impacts of protests on the evolution of the United States, from past to present. Starring Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jelani Cobb, and Robyn Muncy. 

There are a couple of problems with this film. Abdul-Jabbar tells us the social problems that he has seen in his lifetime and the impact that they have had on his life. It’s nice to understand where Abdul-Jabbar is coming from, but this film should be about how different protests changed America. What this show misses is the facts. For one, the protest that mostly changed America was the Boston Tea Party, which wasn’t really mentioned. Mostly, the show focuses on protests in the last hundred years or so, and ones that I really don’t see causing a change in the United States yet. This film is basically trying to push the agenda of social equality. It’s not very informative. It’s not worth a watch. 

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